How to Stay True to Your Professional Believes: 7 Things Your Career Isn’t

These are the most difficult things to accept about your corporate career.

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  1. Your career is not a replacement for your personal life. It’s an extension, a compliment, an addendum — at maximum. It may be a short-term substitution. It’s something you could live without, but probably don’t want to.
  2. Your career is not the only thing to be proud of. If you sacrificed everything else for it, is not a win. It’s a delusion, or a consolation prize.
  3. Your career is not your merit exclusively. Most often, it’s built from all the chances you were given, form the help you got that made a big difference. It’s what your parents and mentors believed of you, and thought you could become.
  4. Your career is not a one-time award. It’s a continuous strive and effort to improve, to contribute, and to learn. It’s an adult’s life marathon, filled with both known and hidden obstacles.
  5. Your career is not forever. You can always change, reinvent yourself, reposition your career versus any new passion or desire, or versus the changing trends. It’s not a permanent tattoo, but it can leave scars.
  6. Your career is not a printed CV. Career is a reputation, and it’s dynamic. It’s not what you believe of yourself, but rather what others believe about you.
  7. Your career is not a race against others. Don’t mistake it for a job interview where only one candidate gets the position. It’s a race with your-yesterday-self.



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