98 Drops of Sarcasm and Wisdom From My Facebook Posts

These made me think: am I able to live with myself?

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Love and Relationships. Family and Home.

  1. Becoming mature, in men, means regaining that seriousness with which, as children, we play.
  2. Women have the genuine ability to curiously ask you a question and then ignore you completely, with style, while you answer.
  3. When men think they are seduced, actually women are tenderly disarming them.
  4. When a woman is not capricious, this means she doesn’t feel charming.
  5. Behind every man (strong or not) it is an obsession (most often, for a woman).
  6. Nothing can be harder for a man than an unattractive, sad, and screaming woman.
  7. Inertia is when, having left home for days, you wake up in the morning holding the pillow in your arms.
  8. A second chance to make a good first impression is like love at first sight: it’s possible, but it’s harder, and they both have to want it.
  9. Singularity (technological) is when computers learn to outsmart men; just like women did years and years ago.
  10. In general, I don’t like to compliment. I did it to a person a few years ago. Now we are married and we have a kid.
  11. Getting married when you’re young is like when your mother feeds you and you don’t even know you’re hungry.
  12. The wedding is more a celebration of hope rather than of love.
  13. Anarchy is disobedience and non-recognition of any authority or other controlling system…, except for your wife. Else, it would be pure madness.
  14. The gravity of a husband’s mistake is not given by its magnitude, but by how much the wife cares about that subject.
  15. You know she really is your wife when, in all the noise on the beach, you hear her laughing on the sand as she is far away in the water. Laughter or screaming. Well, more screaming.
  16. No one is always right, not even women. Also my wife, for example, was wrong once, but this was back in 2005 before we even met.
  17. Yesterday, someone told me that nothing should change after having kids. Today, I still can’t stop laughing.
  18. The disadvantage of being a family: we have nothing to bet on, as we have all things in common.
  19. Disneyland is Las Vegas for kids.
  20. A mad cop is when the good cop and the bad cop are the same people. The same in parenting.
  21. If someone asked me what my role at home is, I would say I am an honorary board member with no voting rights.
  22. At home, we learned to share our decision-making. I take the ones she already agrees with.

Innovation, Technology, and Problem Solving

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Contemporary with myself.

Self Reflection and Beliefs.



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