Don’t Read This Article (If You Want To Win)

Life is a paradox and this article can not be anything less. Please don’t read it only because you’re bored.

Adrian Panghe
2 min readSep 21, 2020

Yesterday I came up with this intriguing idea: how could I combine my passion for puzzles with the ambition to write more? I have this desire to write something different, something that is interesting, thought-provoking, yet simple.

One of my friends encouraged me and said that even though it’s not that common, it’s neither unheard of to create a literary game. A what?, I replied. He added that most of all, I, the writer, need to enjoy the creation process.

Under no circumstances I was going to keep this as just a thought. Thanks to him I gain some trust in my initial idea, and some ambition to make it happen. I had to do something about it. And I did.

Lately, I saw people, especially younger generations, that have less patience to follow long, complex instructions and often prefer messages to be quick and convenient — even if imperfect, or incomplete.

One barrier for me was how to create something that’s easy to follow, and for which no complex explanation was needed. Something that everyone could play, enjoy and share further.

Synonyms, palindromes, hyperboles… There’s a long list of vocabulary or literary devices that I would like to explore and combine. But maybe those are too heavy and too unattractive for the reader. What could I use to create a quirky game?

Then it hit me — boom! What if I read the tile again? What if then I read the first letter of each paragraph? And there’s my writing puzzle. The first of many.

If you lost this game, please appreciate the article, and share the experience with your friends. Sharing (and making the other lose too) is caring.



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