My Humble Reflections on Faith, Religion, and God

The only thing that I’m certain it was created by God is laughter.

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God and Faith.

  • The existence of God — at least rationally — cannot be proved by the mere existence of faith.
  • It is easier for some people to believe in God, rather than in themselves — although the two are not exclusive.
  • For all my childhood, every night I thought I was talking to God. Later, I realized I was talking to myself. Whenever you search for God, you should search inside yourself.
  • Faith has nothing to do with dressing in certain clothes, kissing someone’s hand, killing with stones, or symbols of any kind. Faith in God is strictly a personal matter, not a matter of statistics.
  • I think God has a sense of humor; I think he’s often laughing. In fact, the only thing I’m certain it was created by God is laughter. It is said that if you want to make God laugh, make plans — maybe even God came up with this one.
  • Einstein believed that evil does not exist, he being only the absence of God, just as darkness is the absence of light and cold is the absence of heat.

Religion and The Church.

  • Morality is such a difficult subject to explain to the masses. That’s why ingenious visionaries have used storytelling, in very creative ways, to do it. Based on which story each of us is told as a kid and prefers the most, we are separated into religions.
  • The human need for spiritual comfort and confirmation appears to be constant: communities that strongly believe in astrology and horoscopes are less religious, and vice-versa.
  • What is the church? A place for the celebration of a religious cult. What is a religion, or what should it be? A form of social consciousness, a set of moral norms, applicable in everyday life, anywhere, by anyone. Then why do we need a specific place to express those norms?
  • God made nature, the mountains, and the sea; he did not make churches. There are 7,000 schools in Romania (my home country), barely 600 hospitals, and over 18,000 churches.
  • We live in a supermarket of religions where everyone chooses what they like.
  • Too many sins are invented by humans. Do not wash clothes on Sunday is just one example. And the Bible is full of absurd rules that would lead our society into madness if we were to follow them. Here’s an example below:
A scene from The West Wing TV Series (as found on Youtube)
  • A wise man once said that “either God does not exist, or he is incredibly cruel”.
  • If it makes you knee, or harm yourself, or hate and hurt other people, then it’s not a good religion. Hate cannot be evangelized by a religion. The only person I could ever hate is myself.
  • Who wrote the Bible? And why do we believe that some words written down by someone, thousands of years ago, are the actual word of God?
  • I think it’s very useful to read the Bible. More people should do it. I am not afraid of those that read it. I am afraid of those that read only the Bible.
  • Dr. House’s character said that “rational arguments do not work on religious people, otherwise there would be no more religious people”.
  • Religion is the smartest mass manipulation tool ever invented. No one asks for any proof, everything is based exclusively on faith. It’s a delicate weapon, in dangerous hands. Voltaire said that “religion was born when the first villain met the first fool”.
  • Don’t the answers found by religion, to the seemingly inexplicable things, stop us from looking for the true answer?
  • Doubt is not a sin. Belief without evidence is lethal for curiosity.



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Adrian Panghe

I’m a balanced family guy, who’s still learning to be curious. I’m a light-blue collar, who question everything. I compile writing, puzzles, quirky topics & HR.