Six Life Lessons Learned from Playing with LEGO Bricks
  1. Any of the pieces is useless or essential, depending on what you want to build.
  2. To learn, in the first place, you must follow the instructions manual. Then, to be a creator, you have to imagine it yourself.
  3. In order to build something really impressive even the finest color nuance matters.
  4. Essentially, color does not matter. A pirate ship will be a pirate ship even if it is pinky.
  5. The more diverse pieces you have, the more things you can build.
  6. If you misplace even a small piece at the beginning of your project, it will become a big problem later.



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Adrian Panghe

Adrian Panghe

I’m a balanced family guy, who’s still learning to be curious. I’m a light-blue collar, who question everything. I compile writing, puzzles, quirky topics & HR.